Films I’m looking forward to in 2016 (Part 2)

Welcome back friends!  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a good welcome to the New Year. Feels so weird to be in the year 2016. Makes me sick to think I was in my first year of high school in 2005, time goes fast.

And time goes fast writing these blogs, I love doing it and thank you to everyone who read my first one. Once again, this is all my opinion and you are very welcome to leave any comments you have down below. Now, lets continue from where we left off, here are three more films I will be buying a ticket for this year.

4. Jem and the Holograms (2016)

Out of all the films I have commented about in this series, I have to say this is the one I am the leest excited about. My dad use to own the original, cheesy, American animated TV series to ‘Jem’ which at the age of 5 was ok as a cartoon, can’t imagine it as motion picture.

I am intrigued to see how they make the bizarre story of Jerrica Benton legit. Jerrica is a young musician who unleashes her alter ego by rubbing her 80s style earing, and whispering ‘Synergy’ to release her sparkly, face painted ego who is basically Madonna. Now with her transformation complete, she then goes to perform as ‘Jem’ along with her sisters ‘The Holograms’. Slightly over the top yes, but kind off cool.

The title was released in October 2015 in the USA, and it seems that the US audience where not particularly blown away. With a total of 3.4/10 on IMDB, the film is being referred to as low budget, confusing and a dated movie. However, Amada Joycee from The Movie Network gives me hope with her comments, saying the film is pleasing to fans and sticks to the original roots of the series, with a film based upon family, sisterhood and pop music.

Director Jon M. Chu, is responsible for such big entrainment movies like G.I Joe: Retaliation, Justin Bieber’s Believe (yes that somehow was a thing) and Step Up 1 and 2. With this, we could see a realistic approach to the title.

Aubrey Peeples steps into the role of Jem/Jessica who is known for her work in the Nashville TV series. After watching some of her performances as Layla Grant, I think it was a superb choice and she will deliver as Jem. So not all hope is lost with this film.

The film is released in the UK on the 12th February.

5. The BFG (2016)

Disney is taking giant step in building their entertainment empire by producing a story from of the most beloved children’s writers ever, Roal Dahl. The BFG will be adapted to the big screen later this summer, and I believe we are in for a treat.

I still find it surreal that along with Fantastic Mr Fox, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The Witches and Matilda, Disney have now decided to produce a Dahl book. From reading books like George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Twitts and Willy Wonka all this summer at camp, I have witnessed the excitement he gives children in his books. I think this will lead to many more Disney/Dahl movies which I’m happy with, it’s about time.

The trailer creates a magical setting that will catch the attention of all ages. However, the image above of The BFG’s hand grabbing Sophie would give me nightmares for a year. I remember seeing the stage play when I was younger and it terrified me. So I hope for my sake, that they make a friendly appealing movie. The dark imagery and ideology in the trailer though does not give me confidence.

With director, Stephan Spielberg (E.T) whos credits speak money and success, we could be looking at a candidate for family movie of the year.

Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) will take on the title of The BFG and Ruby Barnhill (4 O’clock Club) will play Sophie. No big names here but I am sure they will deliver.

The movie is released on the 1st July (USA) and the 22nd July (UK).

6. Zoolander 2 (2016)

A couple of examples of my favourite comedies are Dodgeball, Anchorman and Bruce Almighty, to name a few. Films that are considered quirky, unrealistic, and unbelievable stupid. So after the first Zoolander (2001), I am eagerly waiting to watch the second installment.

The film includes all the original cast that are big names in comedy like Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents), Owen Wilson (Cars) and Will Ferrall (Elf).  The cast also features big blockbuster cameos from Justin Bieber, Arianna Grande and even Benedict Cumberbatch, who tries his share of modelling in the official trailer, which is hilarious.

With Stiller directing the motion picture, I hope he captures the lavish, ridiculous humour that featured in the first.

Along with all these and a basic story of two models protecting there careers, I am looking forward to a film jammed with quirky jokes, stupid plot lines and all round ridiculousness. Just bring on the campy jokes and silly face pounting. 

Blue Steel is released the 12th February in both the UK & USA.

There you have it folks. With so many great movies coming out this year I hope you enjoyed my view on my take of anticipated movies for 2016. Tune in next week and once again. Happy New Year!


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