A Baron Corbin fan

Good evening everyone and welcome back to my blog. After my first couple of blogs, I am changing the topic from movies to WWE.

WWE started off an incredible year in 2015. We witnessed returns like The Undertaker, Sting, The New Age Outlaws, The Dudley Boyz and my personal favourite, Rhyno. Including our fair share of debuts like Apollo Crews, Samoa Joe, Nia Jax, James Storm and many more. My ultimate favourite was seeing Seth Rollins cash in the MITB contract at Wrestlemania, totally unpredictable.

But while we have had great moments and been treated to a lot more variety and fresh content on the WWE Network. There is one man who has caught my eye, and that would be Baron Corbin.

Yes that’s right. I feel I am one in few people who like Baron Corbin. I love my heel charecters (bad guys) from The Big Boss Man to Kevin Owens. I love this guy and looking forward to how he will be utilised is year. And for those of you who can not understand what I mean, then here are my reasons why I am a fan of his work.

For those of you who are new to my blogs, this is all my opinion and I do this purely for fun. If you want to comment then please do and enjoy!

1.  He looks evil

It annoys me when people say that looks and appearance don’t mean anything in Professional Wrestling because they do. Baron started of as a babyface during his 2014 debut with his rough, dark, ‘all hail’ personality. But when we heard Corbin on the microphone talking cocky and down to his opponents and audience, they turned on him. He looks like your stereotypical ‘bad knight’ in a medieval movie. The all black everything screams for people to boo at him as well as his ego.

But one of the stand out points about Corbin is his presence. With a size of 6ft 8in, he does not need to do much to look intimidating. His walk to the ring looks effortless, (properly because it is) but a man that size does not need to act scary.

2. The End of Days in incredible

Now we all know that in the ring, it is a combined effort. Like I have learnt with acting, if you make the other person look better than you, then you will reap the benefits. Even though Corbin’s finisher ‘The End of Days’ takes a lot of momentum and energy from the opponent, it looks mighty impressive towards Baron, which connotes his strength. His finisher reminds me of the Tombstone Piledriver. I see a lot comparisons with Corbin and the old school Undertaker, both in looks and especially in there use of destructive finishers.

3. He knows how to annoy the audience

Quite simply, the best part about Baron Corbin is that he does not need to do much, and that pisses the audience of the most, which is why I love him.

He knows that his character is hated. With the help of Breaking Ground, he is represented as a recluse, angry and unusual outsider of the ring, which is he uses to perform in the ring.

I’ve noticed he performs the simplest moves to annoy a modern Wrestling audience who want to see displays of strength and high risk offence, which Corbin delivers little of. You will most like see Baron punching and kicking.

To conclude, Baron Corbin will be a superstar that will shine bright in the WWE locker room this year. I predict that he will win the NXT title, which will lead to a call to the main roster. I would love to see Baron as part of The Authority (as we know HHH is a fan) in the main roster and win the WWE title. Nevertheless, I want to see more of his charecter.

What do you think do you agree? Let me know on the comments below, thanks guys see you soon!


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