My favourite matches: #2 The Undertaker Vs Edge (Summerslam 2008)

Welcome back you bunch of brilliant people who read my blog. Hugs and kisses go out to you all.

I will continue this blog where I left off. Today, I am talking about another one of my three favourite matches. This again, is in no particular order and I plan to continue and expand on this series later in the year. 

#2 Undertaker Vs Edge (Summerslam 2008) 

To me, this is the penultimate pairing in WWE history. I could talk for a while about this great rivalry. I will leave that for another blog, I will just stick to this beautiful match which had the most simple storyline but worked great. Along with its heavily respectful performance by these two, the match defiantly belongs in my list for personal reasons.

I love this match and the rivalry of Edge vs Undertaker. During the time of this whole rivalry, I was coping through the loss of my dad at the age of 15. It was hard and I still find it hard. This rivalry brought so much light and entertainment into that year and I am grateful for these two performers. They are such idols of mine and entertained me and my dad for many years.

This match was built with so much behind it. Edge beat The Undertaker in a gruelling TLC match at Extreme Rules earlier that year causing Taker to lose the World Heavyweight Championship (back when it meant something) and his job with WWE.

The power couple of Vickie and Edge faced troubles with HHH later that month. HHH released a video of Edge cheating on his wife with the new diva on the block, Alisha Foxx. Vicki was livid and what better way to get revenge on your husband than locking him inside a cell with your worst enemy that never dies.

The teenage me jumped off my auntie’s sofa (the only place I could watch WWE at the time) in utter joy and surprise for the return of The Undertaker.

We saw Edge in his element but now we were going to see Taker in his.

This match started with a crazed out Edge making his entrance. This was a totally different Edge to the goofy pairing of him with Christian and was even more different to the sex crazed, rock star we saw in 2005. This man was crazy and had one objective…  put an end to The Undertaker. Especially when he hits The Undertaker with a chair from the top of a ladder shouting “I understand”.

The brutality and set ups to big bumps was outstanding. All taking place in and outside the cell.

A back and forth match that showed how evil and twisted both characters can get when pushed to boiling point. I believed these men could of killed each other.

It brought the rivalry back to where it started at Survivor Series in 2007 where Edge hit Taker with a camera to lose the World Heavyweight Title to Batista. We saw this same scene again but the roles reversed seeing Taker get his revenage.

The match ended with Taker delivering a Tombstone on the steel steps but he did not finish there. We then saw more evil deeds when Taker Choke Slammed Edge through the ring from the top of a ladder. Whilst this happened, graphics of Taker and his throne played over it and just when you thought it would not get more evil,  Taker ignites the hole in the ring where Edge landed. He brought hell… to the cell.

I loved how this brought The Undertaker back to his evil self. Taker hit Edge with all the moves and spots that have featured in all there matches as an act of revenge and anger release.

After this match, we would not see Edge till Survivor Series 2008.

If you have never seen this match or any match from this rivalry, I fully recommend it. You will not be disappointed. If I have not sold this to you then that’s fine, I loved writing this. A classic match full of drama, shock, nostalgia, growth and all round awesomeness.

Tune in soon for my last match of this series. Thanks guys! 





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