How to use AJ Styles in WWE

I’m taking a break from my favourite matches and hopping on the AJ Styles band wagon. I will go back to my list later on in the month. 

For those of you living behind the Roman Reigns rock of WWE, in the 2016 Royal Rumble, we witnessed the debut of AJ Styles in WWE. From start to finish, the Royal Rumble was a great PPPV. The all out brawl between Ambrose and Owens set the tone for a special show in Orlando, Florida. The one moment we will remember though was the arrival of The Phenominal One. 

The Royal Rumble match missed its conventional Attitude Era surprise entrants which adds some lighthearted fun but they certain made up for it with AJ debuting at #3 to shock the entire wrestling world. The crowd was the loudest I have ever heard. Growing up watching the small TNA bubble round 2008-2010, I’ve seen AJ face opponents like Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Abyss and so many more. With his loyalty towards TNA and the independent circuit, AJ Styles was the one person I thought would never enter a WWE ring. 

But now with AJ flying in, here is how I’d like to see AJ being utilized in WWE. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Firstly, it can not be forgotten that AJ was eliminated by Kevin Owens in the rumble match. The idea of Owens Vs AJ would make us all happy. It deserves a Pay Per View build up, not just a one off Smackdown match. Both with their top rope offence and fast hitting fists and kicks, I think it would make a great Wrestlemania Match in Texas. It would be entertaining for fans and yet a great Wrestlemania debut for the two performers.

With AJ recieving the largest pops recently on Raw and Smackdown, it is clear he is a fan favourite, similar to Daniel Bryan. It would be great to see a similar frued between AJ and The Authority like they did with Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. In The Authority’s eyes, AJ’s charecter and wrestling style does not connote the face of WWE (like Bryan). I’d make this rivalry last till when The Authority would bring back Seth Rollins. This would lead to these two competing against each other at Summerslam. My dream opponent for AJ is Seth. Both men with similar styles, yet different charecter objectives in WWE. It would be a match to remember.

Title wise, I’d want AJ to win a single title like the US Championship. Him and the current champ, Kalisto, would make a big spectacle of high flying offence. AJ will defiantly win the WWE Title but it will take up to a year, maybe longer. 

I would also like to see Styles appear in NXT for a one off match. The fans in Full Sail would go crazy for his appearance. A match with Finn, Apollo or Zayn would be incredible. It would also be satisfying to see AJ in a similar environment to the ‘Aslylum Years’ in TNA. I don’t know why, I would just find it assteticialy pleasing.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Let me know with a comment below and we will see what plays out with his time in WWE. Whatever it is, it will be Phenominal. 


One thought on “How to use AJ Styles in WWE

  1. AJ entering the Rumble was by far my favorite moment of the Rumble, along with KO being put through the 2 tables. I think that WWE should maybe pull a heel turn on AJ and cost Dean Ambrose the Triple Threat Match at Fast Lane. This could set up an epic AJ vs. Ambrose feud over the IC Title. I think the WWE will possibly pull an Undertaker vs. Kevin Owens match in Texas as well.

    Great blog!


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