End of Disneyland Paris

In this edition of my blog, I wanted to write my thoughts towards my leaving of Disney on the 21st February. 

I remember when I started three months ago with anticipation and excitement. I could not wait to start work, the first couple of days I was off from work and it dragged. But ever since I started work, it’s been a great job and I feel I’ve worked hard for it, and it has paid off.

If I had to choose my most fun moments, they would be working the night of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. I was a Star Wars virgin till I came here and I have left a big fan of the franchise. Working tightly with my super, spandex wearing friend Spider-Man. I spent my last day with a charecter I befriend since day one here, Tigger. It was nice to performing on parade with my closets friends, I will always remember that.

The one thing I have learnt from this job is that you really can do anything you want. I remember a strong memory that has stuck with me a while. 

It was my first year of University, my dance teacher sat us all down for one class and he made us write 5 things we want to do in the back of our notebooks. I have already done 3 of my big performance goals. Obviously, now that I have grown and become more passionate about performing, I have added to my list. 

I have big goals on my paper this time so here we go. I am ready to make new adventures and become better as a performer. I think this photo sums up my accomplishment for working at Disneyland Paris.


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