What I watch on the WWE Network

Good evening guys! Hope you are all well and thank you for viewing my blog page. This is my first blog I am writing from my home in Cleveleys. This time, it will yet again be another WWE based blog. In this post, I am going to discuss my list of programming I watch on the WWE Network.

For all the smart marks out there, this is all my opinion so don’t go hating on my thoughts.

ECW Hardcore TV 1996

As a fan of ECW during the 2007 rebirth, it is great to able to watch the original programming and it does not disappoint. I have started watching from the year of 1996, during the rivalry between a debuting Brian Pillman and Shane Douglas. We also see a starting off Chris Jericho, break dancing Bubba Ray and the moody, grungy Raven. The most entertaining moments I have witnessed have been from Stevie Richards and the Blue Meenie. They are utterly ridiculous but when Stevie gets down to it, he can deliver.

It is amazing to see how much professional wrestling has changed. Today, we are dazzled with fireworks, lighting, media and other factors to make it the spectacle it is today. Back then in ECW, we had one camera man (who constantly does an annoying zooming in and out camera angle) a curtain and scaffolding as a titantron. Followed by a hardcore fan base of 100. Yet pro wrestling stories are still the same. We see Tazz crushing competitors in a similar push like Ryback, the BWO delivering comidic styling like DX and the damn dudleys kicking ass! 

The Monday Night Wars

I started watching this last year and think it is a great documentary series. Its a documentary that discuses each milestone that occurred during the infamous Monday Night Wars back in 1990 to early 2000s. As a viewer, it is great to see the performers like Mick Foley, Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels talk about what happened back then from their view. Some things we know but they really dwell into unheard moments. For example, I did not know Shawn knew about the screwjob before hand.  With nineteen episodes (all one hour long) it is a great series to get sunk into.

The Edge and Christian Show 

 I must say throughout all the content I’ve seen on the network so far, this is the most disappointing. The first reason being that these two don’t need their own show. They have been and gone and it does not work when they aren’t in the active roster. I would be better if they where then performing in the ring. 

A tag team that would benefit from their own show would be The Hype Bros. Now I am not a huge fan of Zack and Mojo but with a show like this it could help their popularity, get other people to like them and would give them more material to play off in matches and promos. They are entertaining and I think The Hype Bros show would be perfect. 

Even though I am not the biggest fan, I still watch it with some of its quirky one liners. The one thing that gets to me is that it feels unorganised. I know that Edge and Christians personalities’ are quirky and random. I feel the producers have cramed a lot of silly games and interviews that feels to rushed. To put it simply, it’s confusing and has no real order.

So yes, that was what I am currently watching on the network. Let me know what you watch or any recommendations.  Would love to hear from you.

I recently uploaded a new video on YouTube. This past month I have listened to numerous amounts of Lionel Richie. He has a countless list of hits. So I thought it was only right that I covered one. Here is my cover of Stuck On You. This version is based on the duet between Lionel and Darius Rucker. Click Here. Stuck On You (Lionel Richie) – Luke Hutchinson



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