WrestleMania 32 Review

Good evening everybody. Hope my readers are well and I thank you for reading up on my first review ever on the biggest spectacle of the year, Wrestlemania.

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time when we upload on caffeine, sweets, pizza and commence our professional wrestling marathon of heaven. Last year was the greatest Wrestlemania I’ve seen so far. This year delivered a fast paced, high action masterpiece of live theatre and the attendance of over 100,000 die hard grappling geeks was simply astonishing.

This year, I watched a live streaming at Walkabout Blackpool So this is all from my memory of the night. No drunken memory though. Enjoy!

So let’s start this in order of the show!

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn Vs Sin Cara Vs The Miz Vs Zack Ruder Vs Stardust Vs Dolphins Ziggler. Rating: 9/10

What a great way to open the event. First off, the sound in the AT&T Staduim was electric. Defiantly a delay in sound up in the gods. The usual madness of a ladder match with great surprises. Stardust paying tribute to Dusty Rhodes with spotty ring gear and a custom ladder. A ladder break that Sin Cara did not botch, a Super Kick Party from Ziggler, and Sami And Owens renewed a rivalry that needs its climax now! All out good match. The ultimate surprise of the night was Zack Ryder winning the IC title. It set the tone that this Wrestlemania would be different and it defiantly was. Congrats to Ryder, a well deserved win.

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho. Rating: 7/10

COME ON BABY! Let’s move to the most technical match of night. A debuting, athletic veteran making his debut at the event against an egotistical Chris Jericho (the best kind of Jericho). We know these two can deliver from their last 3 matches. This match was superb. It displayed what both men can do for those who have not seen them before. I wanted the rivalry to have personal hatred like invading each other’s family, just to add an aggressive style towards AJ which is what we have not seen. A sounding reaction to AJ’s first mania. Shame he lost but all round entertaining contest.

The New Day Vs The League of Nations. Rating: 8/10. Purely on the entrance.

There is nothing quite like Wrestlemania. When do you see three grown men entering out of a humongous cereal box as children’s prizes. By far one of the loudest reactions of the night. These men have fun and it reflects back on the audience. League of Nations…  meh.  League of Nations won out of suprise which did not please anyone in Texas. Things would get better though. A classic WresteMania convention is not complete without a legends showing. We witnessed Texas’s own Shawn Michales who wore his ring gear (defiantly still has one left in him), Mick Foley in complete with flannel look, and another home boy Stone Cold in shirt and jeans. Generic Stone Cold Stunners everywhere and was complete with Shawn Michael’s twerking. All round WrestleMania madness. Must see!

Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar. Rating: 4/1

This was my pick to steal the show and I was very disappointed. The build up on previous Raws with Dean meeting other established ‘hardcore icons’ like Foley and Funk made for great humour and fuel of creativity for Dean to punish Lesnar. There was nothing distinctly different about this from any other Street Fight, it was a brawl but I was expecting all out craziness. To be fair, the match was entertaining especially when Ambrose brought out the chainsaw which was incredible bizarre. Lesnar still representing the true monster in WWE, delivering Suplex, F-5, Suplex, F-5 which explains the short match. I wanted Ambrose to have more spots on the possibility of The Lunatic beating The Beast. It left me dissatisfied but wanting more on this rivalry. My prediction is a cage match at Extreme Rules.

Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte. Rating: 7/10

The triple threat the WWE Universe have always wanted. During the Kickoff, Lita announced the revival of the Women’s division with a new title. This made the match extra valuable and the Texan crowd could feel it.

I remember listening to Sasha Banks on Talk is Jericho. She spoke so highly on her influence Lationo Heat, Eddie Gurero. So in Texas, her ring gear was a fine choice to gain even more love from the crowd. My pick to win was Sasha because the world was rallying for her.

The match was fantastic but the ending was odd. For such a prestigious match that was hyped throughout the kick off, the Women’s title match would have stole it if it was not for Ric Flair. Charlotte did not need Flair to win in NXT or win her first Divas title, so why does she need him now to rely on dirty tactics. However, her entrance with the Flair style robe was grand. Highly entertaining, great moonsault by Charotte and all round fantastic match!

The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon. Rating: 9/10

So my bet to steal the show was Ambrose/Lesnar, after that had finished I knew that I was wrong and Undertaker/Shane was gonna tare down the roof of that cell which it defiantly did. Being an Undertaker fan my whole life, I could not bare to never see him perform again at the grandest stage, I was riding my Deadman Harley for The Undertaker to be victorious.

The two made Hall of Fame worthy performances. The match started slow and calculating from Taker with Shane making any attempt to get the Big Dog down. Shane McMahon proving that his soul can not be broken by motioning to Taker to ‘bring it’. A Coast to Coast to Taker didn’t get Shane the win so he resorted to desperate measures.

Now, it was in my mind that Shane would do his signature Elbow Drop from the top of the cell. Seeing him climb and cross his heart ready to jump twenty five feet in the air, my heart stopped. Did not think he would actually do it. The crowd went berserk and Walkabout filled with silence. Was brilliant to hear that the commentary worked with it. A memorable moment that I will remember for a while.

Taker takes no prisoners and capitalised on Shane missing the Elbow Drop and then it’s 23-1. Another Wrestlemania for The Undertaker?

Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Rating: 8/10

With no big build up to the Battle Royal, I watched casually. My pick to win was either Mark Henry (the sexual texian) or R-Truth (the nut job oppose to Goldust). A quick match which was a given and featured The Social Outcasts battling Golden Truth for the majority. Great legendary superstars returned like Takana & DDP. Cool surprise entrant in NBA’s Shaquille O’ Neal but since I am not a huge fan of basketball, it did not faze me. Now everyone knows how much I love Baran Corbin, so when I saw him in the match I did not believe he would last long. Then he only goes on to eliminate Kane and Tyler Breeze from behind. My boy wins the Battle Royal!

 After a disappointing match between him and Austin Aries at Takeover: Dallas, this was the highlight of my night. I jumped out of my seat out of sheer happiness (and spilt half my drink). The main roster is where this man belongs and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

The Rock Vs Erick Rowan. Rating 7/10

I love it how Texas went crazy over The Rock bearing a flamethrower, it felt very pointless but who cares…  WresteleMania! I am glad The Wyatt Family had a spot and would love to have been among the sea of fans with Bray’s fireflies. Two opposite worlds, a Hollywood movie star Vs The Eater of Worlds. After words thrown at each other that is clearly won by The Rock, The People’s Champion revealed his ring attire and challenged one of the three bearded men. Erick took the challenge and lost in a quick six seconds due to a Rock Bottom. We then see The Wyatts use the numbers game against The Rock, then the infamous intro hits and boom John Cena has arrived in Texas in alliance with The Rock. Fantastic energy from all the performers and my guess is we will see Wyatts Vs Rock/Cena at Summerslam? Let’s see!

HHH Vs Roman Reigns. Rating: 6/10

Wearing my ‘hit hard, hit often’ vest, it was clear I was supporting the Roman Empire. Which did not go down great at Walkabout Blackpool.

 As usual a great entrance by HHH, I was expecting a medieveil image of the king but still highly impressive. I wanted Roman to entire through the Texas crowd. That picture would of been incredible. An average match, nice spots and always entertaining to see Roman Spear Stephaine. Either way, Roman is champion and will be great to see Seth Vs Roman in the future.

There you go, thank you for reading my first review. Let me know what you think. I love talking to wrestling geeks, the power of an event like WrestleMania brings us all together and we all have different opinions.


2 thoughts on “WrestleMania 32 Review

  1. I confess to not really enjoying Wrestlemania this year. The women’s match was, for me, the strongest with the ladder match and Styles/Jericho both being fine. From what happened before and what’s happened since it’s abundantly clear that Shane was supposed to win the Taker match but either Taker refused or it was changed last minute. Ambrose/Lesnar was a shambles and the main event was pretty mediocre. I also don’t really like the Legends coming out to beat up current stars, I get that most of the fans like it, but it makes me cringe every time particularly when its guys like Rusev who could clearly eat a grizzled and ageing Stone Cold or HBK for breakfast. However since then we’ve had Roadblock, which was great, and Takeover Brooklyn last weekend which was fantastic.


  2. Great blog. My favorite moments had to be the Shane Elbow as well as the 3 legends laying out LON. I actually thought the ladder match was one of the best matches of the night. When my favorite wrestler Sami Zane jumped through the ladder it was incredible! AJ and Jericho succeeded expectations, although I was rooting for AJ. I felt it was too predictable that Roman would win, but it was still cool when he won. I definitely agree w/ Wyatts vs. Rock/Cena at SummerSlam. Baron winning was also pretty awesome. I can agree that Ambrose/Lesnar was a bit of a disappointment, I was hoping they’d go all over the stadium. The divas match was pretty cool, too. I was rooting for Sasha (btw I loved her Eddie tribute), but I’m fine with Charlotte retiring the Divas championship and winning the new women’s championship.

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