Remembering Cody Rhodes’s WWE Career (Sponsored by UCW)

Welcome back guys, hope everyone is well? Been very busy recently with rehearsals for The Penguins of Madagascar show at Chessington World of Adventures but wanted to get writing again, so here I am with another WWE blog.

At the start of May, WWE announced their yearly releases. From names like Damien Sandow, Wade Barret, Zeb Colter and several others, it was a loss of main active roster. This would then continue with the release of Adam Rose, former Social Outcast member, due to Rose violating the company’s wellness policy. However, the curse of the release further increased with the shocking news that Cody Rhodes, aka Startdust, asked for his release on the 22/05 which was granted. Cody Rhodes was signed with WWE since 2007. He started his career teaming and battling against Hardcore Holly (yes that did actually happen) and ended it as the charismatic Stardust. I thought Cody was set long time with WWE and would eventually move back to his original ring name and conquer the mid-card scene in WWE.

In this blog, I will look at my three favourite moments of Cody Rhodes in WWE.

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3. Cody Rhodes revives the Intercontinental Championship 

Lets face it, the Intercontinental title was going nowhere five years ago. Cody Rhodes changed all that at the Hell in the Cell pay per view in 2011. The ‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes brought back the classic Intercontinatal title that night. He stated the greatnest he shares with the title and renouncing it’s prestige. I truely believe this started a new trend in pushing the title, in which he held that title 236 days. Rhodes was one of the all time greats to hold that title and let’s be honest, it’s the best looking title in the company.

2. Undashing

In 2011, Cody was the pretty boy on SmackDown tagged as the ‘dashing’ one. This charecter would not stay long thanks to a 619 from Rey Mysterio. The kick from Mysterio broke Rhodes’s nose and forced Cody to wear a protective mask. This transformed his character into a demonic, sinister being known as ‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes.

As well as his anger, Cody’s jealously towards the audience would escalate to Cody bringing henchmen to the ring and offering fans paper bags for them to wear. The crazy thing was they wore it and loved it. He would then further this by humiliating his competitors by bagging them, causing Cody to soar through as an heel at the time. This displayed what Cody has done throughout his WWE career, whatever circumstances he is given he will own them and build upon them to create something bigger than it was suppose to be. Or like he said on his leaving post on Twitter, he turned chicken sh*t into chicken salad.


Finally, I want to talk about the brilliance that is Stardust.

I am a big fan of the most obscure gimmicks. Curry Man, The Hurricane and Shark Boy to name a few. Stardust is up there with one of the best gimmick characters given to anyone in pro wrestling.

He had his own Twitter account which was an instant winner and added to the escapism of WWE’s roster. His ring gear was always over the top, he would appear in an array of studded capes, cut up collars and general awesome face paint. One of my favourite factors with Stardust was his voice. It sounds odd I know but when comparing Cody Rhodes in the late 2000s, who was a monotone, generic interpretation of a traditional wrestler, his voice changed dramatically and to me gave a new side to Cody’s performance skills. So many dynamics from going low, high, fast, slow and even screaming at them like a cat. This also helped with his promos that earned him the nicknames like ‘The Prince of Dark Matter’ and proved he was force to reckon with on the mic (I am a sucker for a good promo). Stardust was extremely different to Goldust. While Goldust uses comedy and goofiness, Stardust was creepy, unstable and unpredictable which made his performances scary and another tremendous heel charecter for Cody’s career.

My favourite Stardust moment would be his promo with Goldust and his late father, Dusty Rhodes, at Fastlane 2015. It did what all great promos do, make it believable. Stadust was screaming ‘Cody is dead’ and disowning his family. Parts seemed uncomfortable and hard to watch and made for a great story that sadly never had a big resolution.

Concluding this, Stardust was onwards to something long term that made great TV rivalries with upcoming new talent like Adrian Neville. It is a shame we did not see the true height of Stardust.

To finish the blog, I would have love to of seen more of the Stardust charecter. His mic skills got so good that a talk show similar to the Highlight Reel would have been perfect. A repackaged Cody Rhodes after that would have made an impressive face charecter and a great contender for the WWE title. But who knows, maybe we will see him again.

What do you think guys? What was your best Cody Rhodes moment? Write a comment down below and share your opinion.

Thanks for reading and will be back soon.


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