Summer of Hardy (Sponsored by UCW)

Good evening everybody and welcome back to my blog and I welcome you to my July write up.

This month, I have not been that well regarding my throat and singing voice. So on my off days I have been watching a lot of wrestling of course.

With the wrestling business hotter than ever at the moment, it’s great to watch as many products of professional wrestling as you can. TNA has surprisingly been a key product in July. All thanks to the Hardy Boyz but in particular Matt Hardy.

Before I commence into this topic of awesomeness, this post is again sponsored by Upbrawl Championship Wrestling. A local, friendly group of professional wrestlers who recently celebrated their success of the Who Dares Wins event. Be sure to check out their Facebook by clicking here.

Matt Hardy, to me, has never found a solid enough charecter in his solo career. He’s gone from heel to face with no clear objective on why he has done this, until now.

Recently, Matt Hardy has gone through a major change regarding his on screen charecter. Firstly, he has ditched the generic rock music and enters the ring to a piano accompaniment (which is a first in my memory). Second, Matt now hails from Central London/Africa in regards to his bizarre accent. Thirdly, his ring gear and hair is similar to an electrocuted magician. Down right wierd but different  yet memorising.

This is a side to Matt Hardy that has never been revealed. I’ve never seen this much personality and charisma from Matt in all his nearly twenty year career. Jeff Hardy has always shined and gone above the ground with his high risk offence and likability but Matt Hardy has never shined so bright. These past months he has been a shock factor in the whole wrestling business.

I was first aware of his ‘Broken’ gimmick in the Matt and Jeff Hardy contract signing promo last month for their match at Slammiversary.

This brings us inside the mind of Matt Hardy. The camera angles, music and mise-en-scène are all irregular and eerie which refletcs perfectly Matt Hardy’s character. And this promo is the birth of possible the best quote in the industry today.

“Brother Nero. I knew you’d come.” 

Just when you thought could not get any more of ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, TNA had another surprise in store.

This week on Impact, both Hardy brothers fought it in ‘The Final Deletion’ at the Hardy brother’s own home with the winner earning the rights to the Hardy name.

Now, this video has been dubbed the worst and the best video with mixed reviews. In my opinion, after watching 5 times, I love it.

It is unique. Nothing like anything you have seen in WWE, ROH or Lucha Underground. It’s high budget, backyard wrestling. The violence is extreme and features the use of canes, ladders and even fireworks. All legal in a match where both men are wanting to murder each other. From the ring to a lake, it was flat out wierd but my eyes were glued to the screen constantly.

 Whether you like it or not, we are all talking about it and that’s what TNA has been wanting for a while now.

What happens now? With Brother Nero deleted what is next for Broken Matt Hardy? Will this put him in ranks for a title shot? Or will we see another appearance from Willow to help with Jeff Hardy’s revenge? Either way, I hope we get to see more of the strange promos from the Hardy home.

Let me know what you guys think of ‘The Final Deletion’. Comment below or tweet me @lutchinson11.

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Thanks guys, see you again soon.



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