The addiction is real: Pokémon Go 

For the first time in Luke’s blog history, I will be starting a new category, hich is gaming. I am not the biggest gamer. I tend to stick to franchises I am familiar with like GTA, WWE, Deadrising, Tomb Raider and Soul Calibur. Although I do like to dabble in new games. To start this new topic off, I will be discussing the only game people are playing this week.

It is what everyone is talking about, it’s what all the kids are playing on the streets these days, and no, it is not the video game version of Hopscotch. It is Pokémon Go.

For those of you who don’t know what this game entails, I will briefly explain.

Pokémon Go focuses on players creating their own identity to capture and battle Pokémon. However, this game can not be played by lounging on your sofa. The game uses a GPS format. Therefore, the player has to search for Pokémon in streets, fields and towns.

To start off, I never heard of a game that uses this format (if there is please let me know). The concept is fresh, immersive, and keeps you curious for finding those nearby Pokémon. It is also highly addictive and will make you purposely walk or cycle for hours to find a the creatures.

After its release on 14/07 in the UK, the app has achieved tremendous success among players young and old, earning over $17 billion. Yes, the game suffers from the occasion glitch and server problems, but you can’t denie it’s brilliance of fun.

My Pokedex is building up…  slowly. Mostly consisting of Rattata, Pidgy and Zubat. My favourite capture was Seel, which I ironically caught on the pier of Blackpool, along with my Kingler, Psyduck and Shellder.

The one creature I am dying to see in my Pokedex is Bulbasoar. It’s not because he is my favourite, it is based upon the amount of times I have seen his outline in the nearby menu. He is somewhere in Thornton Cleveleys, but he just seems to avoid me. He will be mine!


Personally, I was never a huge Pokémon fan. When I was younger I drifted towards Digimon.

With Digimon, I liked there evolving forms. The Digimon would start as cute and cuddly then transform to gigantic, rocket launching, armour wearing monsters that looked purely bad to the bone.

I would love a Digimon based version of this. It would be more fitting to use modern technology to catch Digimon. I loved how half the digivolves where just a metal version of the previous monster. On the other hand, I am content with powering up my King, Big Ass Bird and Sassy Fish.

Could we potential see the rebirth of the battle between Digimon & Pokémon, as evident as it was in the 90s?

If there is anything I would improve in the game, it would be gym battles. I have only done a couple of them so far and every time it baffles me. They don’t specifically explain how to battle with no tutorial. I would rather go through a 10 minute tutorial than non at all.

What do you guys think of Pokemon Go? Does it live up to the hype for you? Comment below and let me know what you think.

Once again, I am still unwell regarding my voice and body. I believe I may have a food allergy. Either way, when I am better I will post a new cover. Got a couple of things planned for Septmeber but will keep you posted about that soon.

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Thank you again readers. Now if you don’t mind, I am finding that Bulbasoar whether it kills me.



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