Who should be in WWE’s New Era? (Sponsored by UCW)

Welcome everyone to my blog. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. This is a wrestling post that I hope you will all enjoy.

I am still very unwell with my throat. I have an appointment with an ENT next week regarding my recovery, my voice is a big factor in my career and this illness has set me back a lot.

Let’s commence with this months wrestling blog. Once again, this is sponsored by Upbrawl Championship Wrestling who recently annouced their sign up dates for training in Newcastle. Make sure you keep updated with them by following them on FaceBook and Twitter.

Recently, Raw & SmackDown have once again been divided as two separate competing brands of wrestling entertainment. In my eyes, Raw’s roster is more altheltic and edgy. Whereas SmackDown has a diverse bunch of superstars, ranging in different personalities and fighting styles. Both programs support all new, fresh sports entertainment with each show providing different camera angles and show structres that add to the competive era that is upon us.

The current roster is now halved in WWE. The company now needs more talent to fill both brands. The question is who do they sign?

Here are my picks of current wrestlers from all different promotions that I would like to see debut in The New Era of WWE. I am starting with a big one.

3: Jay Lethaldpp0055

For those of you who have just shrugged in confusment over this photo, where have you been? Jay Lethal is the best pure wrestling talent of this year, possible ever.

This man has won so many titles that he could wirte a book about them. Credentials from BTW (Big Time Wrestling), IHPW International High Powered Wrestling), FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainment) and many more that I don’t know. Jay is the current ROH World Champion.

Lethal has dominated the indepandant scene and Ring of Honour since contract ending with TNA in 2011. In TNA, Lethal started from the bottom as Samoa Joe’s apprentice. He would then move to his Black Machismo gimmick (a tribute to one his influences Randy Savage) and then teaming with current New Day member, Xavier Woods (Austin Creed in TNA) and form Lethal Consequences. They both would go to win the TNA Tag Team Championships. Lethal would find success as a singles competitor by winning the X Division title six times.


Not many superstars today can say that had a heated rivalry with Ric Flair but Lethal can. In Ric Flair’s time with TNA, he helped build up names in the company but non as bigger than Jay Lethal. These two would have a couple of matches which were entertaining and phyiscal. This led to Flair passing down the Figure Four Leg Lock submission to the future ROH star. These two would have great promos and non better than the infamous Woo Off. You don’t belive me, take a look for yourself.

This man would be an incredible assest to WWE no matter what show he ended up on. I’d love to see Jay Lethal on Raw. He is a talant that could headline houseshows, pay per views and Raw main events for a long time. It be incredible to Lethals against Raw superstars like Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. Either way, it is only a matter of time till we see the Lethal Injection in a WWE ring.

2: Dalton Castle & The Boys

Dalton Castle wants it all and a debut could be what the WWE fans and management need.

This man is one of Ring of Honours hottest performers. Drawing inspiration from music artists like Freddie Mercuary, David Bowie and Foxy Shazam, it is easy to see why fans find this superstar incredibly entertaining. If you have never seen the charismatic Dalton Castle before take a look below at the video below.

I don’t think a debut for Castle will happen soon as he has not won his first singles title at Ring of Honour, which I imagine, is in the pipelines already. One question that remains with a possible Dalton WWE debut, what will happen to The Boys?


The Boys are a great factor in the success of Dalton Castle. The way they accompany Castle to the ring and cool him down or his opponents with total commitment to answering whatever he needs is highly entertaining. I’m not saying that WWE would not use that but Castle’s charecter is incredibly flamboyant. Not to the extent that it’s offensive or even rude but his persona would be toned down. Thus loosing the over the top charecter we love. I don’t know, could be wrong but that’s my opinion.

Dalton on SmackDown would be amazing. Him competing against fellow flamboyant charecters like Fandango and Tyler Breeze would be hilarious. Nevertheless, Dalton is incredibly gifted in the ring. Other opponents like AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin would make for fantastic wrestling. A talk show segment like Planet Peacock would be amazing, along with furniture provided by The Boys.

1: Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins) Curt-Hawkins

 I am a huge fan of Brian Myers, who use to be know as Curt Hawkins in his past with WWE.

Curt Hawkins debuted as part of The Major Brothers in 2007 with Zack Ryder. With Zack, he picked the WWE Tag Team Championships and was part of La Familia as Edge’s servants. Playing big parts in Edge’s rivalry with The Undertaker in 2008. Which was the greatest rivalry in the history of rivalries, hands down, I will fight for that opinion.


Soon after into that year, Ryder and Hawkins would break up and peruse their solo careers. While Zack Ryder would go onto sucees with his interent show and a short US Championship run, Curt was main eventing the pre show of NXT Redemption with Tyler Reks.

I found this disapointing because Tyler and Curt were incredible together on the microhpone and in the ring. However, I believe they both made the best out of this situation. With NXT Redemption, they were the main event heels and got to work with one of the greastest minds of wrestling, William Regal. With NXT being a quite show too, it gave Hawkins and Reks freedom to explore their charecters. They then became the hated trouble makers of NXT.

In 2013 and 2014, Hawkins appeared in the revived NXT in Florida. After a few months there, on June 12 2014, Curt Hawkins was relased from his contract.

After his WWE career, Brian Myers has performed with TNA but has found great success as an indepandant star around america.

Persoanlly, I would love to see Myers on SmackDown. He is a powerfull and cocky heel which developed from his time with Edge and NXT. More importnatly, the man can work in the ring and that is what WWE are looking for. WWE have the big stars, they now need people to help elevate those stars, Myers can work well with anyone given to him in the squared circle. But don’t doubt Myer’s talent. He could easily have a great Intercontinatal title run.

There are so many other names that would be thrilling to see make an entrance on Raw, SmackDown or NXT. Names like Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, EC3, Abyss and so many more.

Who do you guys want to see return or debut in WWE. Comment below and please take a second to like, suscribe and follow my blog. Keep up to date with my latest going on by searching @lutchinson11 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thanks everyone.



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