My favourite matches: #3 Bray Wyatt Vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania 31)

It has been a while since I dwelled back into my favourite matches in wrestling. Today, I revisit this series with a match from last year’s Wrestlemania.

It was no doubt that among the wild Levi’s Stadium crowd, Wrestlemania 31 was the best Wrestlemania in WWE history. It had every kind of match. From the demolition derby ladder match, to the legendary faces of the Monday Night Wars competeing for dominance. We also witnessed the greatest Money in the Bank cash in with Seth Rollins closing the spectacle as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestlemania 31 hosted one of my dream matches that I never thought would happen. The New Face of Fear, Bray Wyatt, challenged The Undertaker on his stage.

Every fan was in awe at the ending of Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania 30. With a shrivelled body (and bad facial hair) it looked as though The Undertaker had taken his last ride.

While Taker had been out of action after his loss, The Wyatt Family reigned supreme. With wins over competitors like Chris Jericho, John Cena, and all members of The Shield.

During September, The Wyatt Family would disband and all persue solo careers. Eric Rowan’s career never took off, but Harper would have fantastic matches against Ziggler and pick up the Intercontinatal Championship. However, Bray Wyatt would make a scary return at Hell in a Cell 2014. Then continue the year by performing in a great rivalry against Dean Ambrose and rise from a casket at Fastlane to call out The Undertaker.

These two have a ton of comparisons due to the nature of thier charecters. They are dangerous, hard hitting and masters of the mind games. We know how Bray adores his charecter and likes to take on a challenge. Bray now had to deliver by defeating the other evil enterty in WWE, including promoting this match all by himself.

He created the most mesmerising promos in this time. He managed to captivate the audience each and every week, and more importantly, buillt The Undertaker return during his absence. For a difficult task to accomplish, Bray succeded and furthered expectations.

Before the match began at Wrestlemania, we have a promo package and I am a sucker for these. It is like a trailer before the movie, and Bray & Taker’s video was incredible. The best video pacakage of all time. The music, effects and plot were amazing.

The build up would then cultivate into the meeting the of darkness minds on the biggest stage in wrestling. Most marks complain that this match was ruined by the sun still shining in San Francisco. The weather? Seriously? Their entrances were incredible no matter the sunlight. Wyatt brought scarecrows to life on his way to the ring and The Undertaker took that slow, menaching walk down the aisle. With that, I could not have cared less about the weather.

More importantly, The Undertaker looked insane. He transformed from an old shell of a man to a demon built to destroy with nothing to loose. Best shape of his career.

The match itself, was a normal sturctered match. But the simplier, the better. It was a back and forth contest, with Bray gaining the upper hand in the middle of the match. It made Wyatt look strong. Considering Bray damaged his ankle during the Wrestlemania weekend, he proved he belonged on the main event card.

The best spot in the match would be Bray spider walking to a downed Undertaker, and obvisouly, Taker sat up in classic fashion providing a photographic moment of awesomeness.

The Deadman would truimph and win again at WrestleMania. The build up for months of this contest made the match special, like it would never happen again. Just seeing those two togther in a ring was like watching Freddy Vs Jason. Two evil men with points to prove.

It was amazing to see, and it had us all guessing to whether he would return to regular compition. The Undertaker would then go onto gaining revenage on the man who ended his streak, Brock Lesnar.


On the other side, Bray would freaud with Roman Reigns and reunited The Wyatt Family. To me, Bray Wyatt is the best performer in WWE today. He can wrestle, he can fly and he is the top talker in the business of this current era. It is about time he gets some gold around his waist, and with him being freshly drafted to SmackDown, it is a matter of time.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think by commenting below.




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