I am grateful

These past couple of months have been incredibly hard for me. For those who don’t know, I came down with glandular fever in June. It was horrible, painful and effected me personally and proffesionaly. Forcing me to leave my performance job and return home to rest and wait for doctors guidance on how to help.

I have been incredibly miserable and now things are starting to look up. After a doctor scoped my throat last week he clarified there is nothing serious going on in my throat, just voice damage from working on an illness. Started lightly singing these past couple of days and it has been ok. And with speech thearpy to help me through my recovery, I will be back to performing very soon. Woohoo!

These past four months have changed my life. I have gone from feeling high on life, to being at the absolute bottom. I have made some great positives out it. I have quit alcohol, started eating healthy and reading alot more. My body feels amazing right now.

In the spirit of looking forward, here is a list of what I am grateful for today.

1: Family who will always be there for me

2: I have a home to go back to

3: Friends who want to help me

4: Friends all over the world who care about me 

5: A healthy diet 

6: A healthy body

7: That I use someone else’s Netflix account 

8: Wrestling 

9: A new season of Drag Race

10: Cleveleys Libary (while we still have it) 

11: I still have my sun tan from Tenerife 

12: A double bed

13: Pokemon Go

14: UFC

15: A free bus pass 

16: Sunny weather

17: Great British Bake Off 

18: Celery with houmous 

19: WWE SmackDown Live 

20: This video exists. Enjoy!



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