Reactions to CM Punk’s UFC debut match

Good day everyone and welcome to my first UFC blog based on CM Punk’s UFC debut.

I have been into UFC now since Ronda Rousey became a household name. I write this as a fan, not an expert which is how I always right my blogs and I believe there has never been a more anticipated debut in sports than the UFC debut of CM Punk.

Punk had announced in 2014 he’d begun training for his MMA career. He has been training with Duke Roufus and others at the Roufusport Martial Arts Academy.

CM Punk has made this his life since he began training, there’s a lot of desire in this man which he showed throughout his WWE career and interviews from his signing with UFC.

That desire and determination to prove haters wrong cultivated last night at UFC 203. 

Firstly for wrestling fans, it was a side to Punk we’d never seen. In the weigh in, the man looked driven and refused to shake the hand of his opponent, Mickey Gall.

Now in the aspects of last night, a delight to me and all WWE fans came in Punk entering the octagon to ‘Cult of Personality’, his former WWE theme from Living Colour.

You could tell that this man was a proffesional wrestler. That is not a bad thing, it gave UFC 203 theatrical sporting elements that wrestling viewers are use to watching. The showboating and the look to the crowd he gave before entering the cage were examples of this.

Now, the match lasted 2:14 in which Punk tapped out to Gall’s rear naked choke. A move that does not seem that easy to get out of. Punk managed to escape it first time. Unfortunately, Gall did have the upper hand from the first second with a take down. Gall knew how to defeat Punk, he had done his research and didn’t take this debuting fighter as a piece of cake.

Punk has now had a taste at what the UFC is like. Experience is what he needs and what everybody needs going into a new career.

I am not goning to ignore my prediction. I wanted Punk to win and I thought he would when he entered the arena. As a fan of him since my teenage years when he debuted in ECW, I really wanted this man to win. The build with The Evolution of Punk documentary series had him built as a favourite.

You have to give this man credit. He has left his credentials in WWE and entered a world (at the age of 37) that he has no expierence in. I look forward to the next time this man performs in the UFC. I am sure he will come back stronger than he was last night.

Overall, 203 was a great night of fighting. I am a huge of the UFC Bantamweight division and Eye battling Correia was my favourite of the night with Correia winning in an upset victory.

Thanks for reading guys.



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