Who should be in WWE’s New Era? James Storm (Sponsored by UCW) 

Hello everyone and welcome back to my second part of my blog based on who I think should be a relevant member in WWE’s New Era. Sorry it has been so late, been working hard at this one and recently got back to Disneyland Paris for my second contract. 

This blog is again sponsored by UCW, who last month opened the UCW Training Centre. Great work lads and wish you the best of luck. https://mobile.twitter.com/UCWSunderland15

This time, instead of detailing three athletes, I will write up on my favourite individuals in TNA Wrestling. Non other than The Cowboy, James Storm. 

He is a remarkable worker in the business and for me (aswell as The Hardys) makes  TNA watchable. This man made his TNA debut in 2002 as part of Americas Most Wanted, a tremendous tag team partnered with Chris Harris. These two would dominate the tag team scene against factions like Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz) by winning the NWA Tag Titles 6 times.

After 4 years together, Harris and Storm would part ways with Storm smashing his former partner with a beer bottle. Storm would then have a singles run. He would go onto to wage war with Rhyno that elevated (no pun intended) into an incredible Elevation X match. Which saw a blood thirsty Rhyno wanting to decimate The Cowboy with a gore from the top of the structure. It all looked promising, but it was going to get better for James Storm.

In 2008, Storm would once again dominate the tag team scene in TNA, this time he had a new partner in Bobby Roode. They would form the famously amazing team of Beer Money.

Now for those of you who have not seen the team, I urge you to type ‘Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns. Best of 5 series’. A truly amazing, yet under looked series of matches. They held the tag titles five times and featured in the revamped Four Horsemen gimmick with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian known as Fortune.

Beer Money have cemented a legacy in TNA. But both Roode & Storm would create amazing work as individual charecters. Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Roode would win the title against his former partner with a beer bottle to the head. These guys would go back and forth, ending at Bound For Glory 2012 in a Street Fight.

As TNA vanished out on the mainstream wrestling scene, Storm formed The Revolution. A group of misfits and deranged individuals. Even though the faction would not fully take off due to comparisons with The Wyatt Family and random TNA scriptwriters, it showed that he could play a twisted soul, in contrast to a beer drinking red neck beloved by all.

Storm will still try to become a hated member of the Impact Wrestling roster by killing off Mickie James. That’s right, murder in wrestling. He would then continue on TV with no real storyline. But something new was coming.

In late October, James Storm would debut in NXT in front of the Full Sail crowd. The Florida crowd (as always) were electric. It was fresh for Storm, which is what he needed. 

Sadly, he did not sign a contract with WWE and would return to TNA in early 2016. Storm is a tremendous TNA performer and one of few originals left in the company. Beer Money would reunite in the spring of 2016 with Roode & Storm showing a comedic side to the two that had never been seen. I was a big fan of this angle and thought it was a great last run for the duo. 

I count these moments as my personal favourite moments of Storm’s career.

I love this performer because he is verseitile. He can play the heel and face and commits to each one perfectly. I would like to see him debut on the main WWE roster next year. Dream opponents like Cena and Bray Wyatt are a given. But with other former TNA talents like Roode, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, it would give the WWE Universe a chance to see what Storm is capable off on a larger scale with people he has worked with for years.

What do you guys think? Who would you like to see appear in WWE? Or did I miss a Storm moment you loved? Let me know by commenting below. 

Thanks again,





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