My Top 3 Disneyland Parades 

Good evening everybody and welcome to wonderful world of 2017!

I wanted to start a new genre for the new year and Disney is one genre best suited to all my readers.

I am a current cast member at Disneyland Paris. And with that title, you need to have a good amount of Disney knowledge.

My knowledge is solid to an extent. I don’t know everything about Disney, but update myself with the latest movies as often as I can. Moanna being the most recent, which is a stunning movie that I highly recommend. Anyway, one aspect I have researched into recently is the infamous Disney Parade. There have been many spellbinding and magical parades in all of Disneyland’s history.

This is a list of my favourite parades from past to present. Each with full videos for your viewing, courtesy of YouTube.

#3: Mickey’s Storybook Express 2016 – Disneyland Shanghai 

I start my list of with the most recent entry. Nothing celebrates the opening of a new park with a parade full of new costumes, charecters and floats. The first on my list is Disney Shanghai’s premier parade, Mickey’s Storybook Express.

This parade grabs my attention for the mix of all Disney movies. We have a beautiful Frozen float accompanied by Olaf, Sven, Elsa and Anna. What a way to capitalise for Frozen 2. And behind that we have Mulan, complete with guards presenting and defending Mulan, whislt she rides her trusty horse, Khan.

It is a collaboration of all generations and is a true celebration of some of Disney’s finest and most underrated movies.

Great music and amazing dancing roles.

#2: Hercules Parade 1998 – Disneyland Paris

This is a personal favourite of mine as it holds memories of my childhood.

Even though it is the oldest entry in my list. It is number two based on my fascination with Herculeas when I was young. As a four year old watching this parade, I was blown away by the spectacle and sheer amazement of seeing the real charecters from the film that I watched on repeat. To believe that I now work there is mental.

The last float looks astounding, and they have The Muses performing combines all three elements of singing, acting and dancing to this parade.

#1: Disney Pixar Play Parade 2013 – Disney California Adventure Park

Firstly, I’m a Pixar nut. I love the detail, passion and conviction that goes into each movie Pixar produces. I grew up heavily on Toy Story, and found other favourites like A Bug’s Life, Cars, Monsters University and various others.

That essence of brilliance that Pixar display in their movies echoes in this parade.

One cool factor about this parade, is the use of heavily aclaimed pop songs behind the movies. The Incredible’s use Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, and A Bug’s Life use ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ (and of course replace girls with bugs). With this use of well renowned songs, it would automatically make me want to sing along as I know all the words…I think.

Tah dah! There it is.

Is there a parade I am missing here? Please comment below on your favourite Disney parade, charecter, film, whatever. It is always good to talk Disney. 

Any Disney experience that leaves children looking like this, then they know they’ve done their job.




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