The Undertaker’s most underrated moments: #1 (Sponsored by UCW)

Ladies and gentleman, I welcome you to my first wrestling blog of 2017! 

What a momentous occasion and once again it is sponsored by Upbrawl Championship Wrestling. Take a look at their site with updates on the latest news.

Some of you may disagree but The Undertaker is the greatest performer in WWE history. People who know me know I have been a fan of this man since I first began watching wrestling. His clothing, music and enigma he carries with him in and outside of the ring is mesmorising and has made him a household name.

With The Undertaker being around for over twenty five years, some of his most entertaining moments have gone unsung. I am here to relight those memories with my first piece on The Undertaker’s most underrated moments.

#1: The Undertaker returns at WrestleMania 20 (2004)

In my opinion, the greatest Undertaker return of all time and possibly, my favourite moment in WWE.

We all remember the dominating and emotionally wrecked Kane of Raw’s Ruthless Agreesion Era, the man who buried The Undertaker (his own brother) at Survivor Series 2003. The match was between Mr McMahon & The Undertaker with Kane saving Vince by burying his own flesh and blood. Anyone who remembers the match knows Taker beat Vince to near death.

Kane was frightening and showed an anger that couldn’t be controlled or unhinged. By god did he have an amazing entrance song.

In January, The Big Red Machine received numerous messages and signs of The Undertaker’s rebirth. This lead to the two mountains of men colliding at  WrestleMania 20.

However, his return would not be on a motorbike but along with the druids. That’s right, this was the return of The Deadman. A gimmick that had not been seen in over five years.

The chills and goosebumps of fear I felt as child when watching this was unhealthy. He looked huge, dominating and all out scary. His entrances to the grandest stage are always my favourite at any WrestleMania. He just has it all! 

The Madison Square Garden crowd go beserk at the sound of the gong but this is not merely as incredible as hearing the howling sounds of Paul Bearer saying “Oh Yeeeeeeeees.” Simply terrifying.

The match was good and with me, you can never go wrong with the drama of a brother against brother storyline. Do not forget Kane in this match though, it takes two to tango. His rising frustration is displayed at the beginning of the match. Kane continuously shouts ” You are not real!” This builds The Deadman’s demimer and performance before he even throws a punch. Both masters of their craft.

Genrally, this deserves a spot in one of the most terrifying moments in WWE. The siloutte of Taker dressed in his hat and coat is enough to give anyone nightmares. A truely underrated moment in the unpresidented career of The Undertaker.

That was number one, what ilustrialius moment will be next?

Thanks you for reading.




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