The Undertaker’s most underrated moments: #2 (Sponsored by UCW) 

I return back to my list of underrated moments from Big Evil himself, The Undertaker.

Lots of rumours speculating the retirement of The Undertaker at WrestleMania recently. The current opponent for him in mind is everybody’s loveable hero, Roman Reigns. I would not mind seeing that but would love to see a confrontation with AJ Styles personally.

Anyway, the second instalment of this list is brought to you by Upbrawl Championship Wrestling. See their Facebook right here.

#2 The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble match (2007)

The Royal Rumble match in 2007 was dubbed ‘the most star studded rumble match in history’ that included names like Ric Flair, Edge, Randy Orton, King Booker, RVD and Kane. This was the first rumble match featuring Raw, SmackDown and ECW.

With those caliber of performers it was hard to argue. Although that tagline feels glitzy and linked to a red carpet event, if the red carpet being the walk down the aisle to win a chance at headlining WrestleMania 23.

The current champions during Mania season were Batista as the World Heavyweight Champion (the beautiful belt) and John Cena as the WWE Champion (the ugly belt). Cena beat Umaga in an amazing Last Man Standing match but the attention now turned to the thirty man scramble. The vibe was extremely unpredictable and there was not a clear favourite going in.

The match started slow like any rumble but got more interesting after a few entrants. The array of ECW extremists like Sabu, Dreamer and The Sandman attempted to bring hardcore violence to the match, but they would get demolished by SmackDown and Raw talent. For example, King Booker would elimate The Sandman in quick fashion and Kane elimated Sabu with a Chokeslam through a table on the outside. 

The reaction was electric with the arrival of the hometown boy, Shawn Michaels. He instantly became the clear favourite until The Great Khali arrived at #28. Khali quickly established himself as the threat of the match. He even eliminated a young Miz by eliminating him in seven seconds after entering #29.  

When all hope was lost, we turned to #30 which would be The Phenom. The crowd became unglued which became unbreakable when The Undertaker eliminated The Punjabi Nightmare. 

Undertaker was on a role leaving himself, Edge, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels as the final competitors. Firstly, what a dream to have these four men in the same ring. Four would become two after HBK Super Kicked the sight out of Edge and Orton causing the eliminations of both men. Thirty superstars had come down to two of the greatest of all time.

The end of this match, for me, is where the rival of these two began. Shawn had lost his buddy HHH to another quad injury, leaving him the only member of DX and with no plans at WrestleMania. While Undertaker simply wanted to add Royal Rumble Winner to his list of accomplishments. Their points were visual and none of them wanted to surrender. They were worn out and at one point leant on each other to get back up.

The encounter between these two felt very old school. The San Antonio fans were screaming and cheering for Michaels like he was one of The Beatles. However, The Undertaker would capitalise by dodging Sweet Chin Music sweeping Shawn over the top rope. 

After 56 minutes and 18 seconds, The Deadman shocked the world when he was announced the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble. An iconic contest between these two would leave them both going on to championship matches at WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels would compete and fail against a rising John Cena for the WWE Championship. While The Undertaker would capture his first World Heavyweight Championship defeating Batista. A great year for The Undertaker and a great reign as champion. 

A remarkable match and underrated moment, but what will be my last entry into this list?

Speak soon,



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