The Undertaker’s most underrated moments: #3 (Sponsored by UCW) 

Here it is, my final instalment in counting down some of The Undertaker’s underrated moments in WWE.

There were so many more I wanted to include. Taker’s first ever casket match, his Survivor Series debut, his return at Unforgiven 2007, and the infamous American Badass gimmick. These are all fine examples but I wanted to end the list with a match people forget about a lot.

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#3 The Undertaker Vs HHH at WrestleMania 28.

2012 was a decent year in WWE and this match was defiantly match of the year. The amount of star power, hype, and all round talent in the build up. It all began in 2011.

The Game and The Deadman rekindled their rivalry at WrestleMania 27. These men have had many battles in the past but their match at 2011’s grandest stage stole the show.

A contest of sheer brutality and excitement. Both men looked strong and exchanged the upper hand throughout. Big Evil would finish his opponent by applying Hell’s Gate for the submission victory. HHH didn’t win the battle, but he won the war. The Undertaker was victorious but could not walk out of the ring on his own will and left the arena on a stretcher.

Taker would again disappear for another year. He would return on January 30th 2012 on Raw with one thing in mind…  a rematch.

Undertaker would leave criptic messages on Raw with an unsatisfied attitude towards his condition after WrestleMania 27. The King of Kings would accept after Taker uttered the words “Shawn was better than you.” Those words boiled HHH’s blood and he made their match inside Hell in a Cell. Fans young and old could not wait to see this event.

Shawn Michaels would find himself in the middle, spurring advice to HHH on what happened to him 2 years ago when his career was ended by The Undertaker. The Phenom would constantly use and comment on HBK’s credentials in WWE to play with HHH’s mind. This would only further enrage The Game as he set out to do what no one had done…  end the streak.

The match was dubbed the ‘End of an Era’ which it certainly was. With Jim Ross commentating and Shawn Michaels added as the referee, the match felt like it belonged on a ‘In Your House PPV.’

This match was not fancy just simple, the best kind of match. Also with the overall experience of big matches these three athletes have, they know the story is way more important. It is a match that contains lots of dialogue which makes it feel personal for the viewers at home.

These two came to Florida to hurt each other. HHH was incredibly focused and didn’t miss any time for him to further his punishment to The Undertaker. Whereas Taker wanted to personally punish and humiliate HHH for leaving him injured in the ring last year. The crowd and fans everywhere were in awe. These two men delivered the match of their careers.

The biggest moment of the encounter would be when Shawn superkicked Taker who then received a devastating pedigree. HHH hurled himself over for the cover straight after, I thought the streak was dead from them on but bam…  he kicks out. HHH looked shocked and left Shawn in tears. What was going to put The Undertaker away?

Nothing that’s what. The ball was in Undertaker’s yard and he would destroy a undefeyant HHH. Taker symbolised the end to his opponent with a earth shattering Tombstone. 1,2,3. 20-0 for The Deadman.

I don’t think this match is talked about enough. It’s tremendous and leaves you on the edge of your seat with a gripping tale of two men who won’t quit. Along with its beautifully directed camera shots and cinematography that gives it a blockbuster style showdown, the match deserves to be in list of greatest matches of all time.

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