The best shout out of my life!

Let’s get personal. Today, one of my dreams came true when Edge & Christian gave me a shout out on their E&C Pod of Awesomeness. You properly wonder why this happened…  I will expalin. In January 2008, my father passed away by a building accident. It was the most awful moment I’ve been through in my life. At the age of fifteen, I coped with … Continue reading The best shout out of my life!

WrestleMania 33 Review (Sponsored by UCW) 

I set myself the task to write up a complete review of last night’s WrestleMania spectacle. It has been long (similar to the PPV) but here it is and here are my reactions from the ultimate thrill ride of WrestleMania 33. This review is again sponsored by the guys at Upbrawl Championship Wrestling. Their FB page is just here. Kickoff Neville Vs Austin Aries … Continue reading WrestleMania 33 Review (Sponsored by UCW)