WrestleMania 33 Review (Sponsored by UCW) 

I set myself the task to write up a complete review of last night’s WrestleMania spectacle. It has been long (similar to the PPV) but here it is and here are my reactions from the ultimate thrill ride of WrestleMania 33.

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Neville Vs Austin Aries (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

We start with the one match I was most looking forward to seeing and it made the kickoff watchable. I’m huge fan of Neville and could not adore him enough for making 205 Live one of my favourite shows. Him against Austin Aries is a dream match and they did a great job to start the PPV strong.

A good amount of time and both men delivered high flying action mixed with brutality.

Aries got dropped on his neck from a German Suplex, looked painful. A Super Hurricanrana and a 450 Splash didn’t get A Double the win.

The golden dressed Neville took advantage of Aries’s Last Chanceary finish and grabbed the damage eye socket of Aries, causing him to scream in pain. It made me cringe. Neville would then deliver the Red Arrow to retain his title. The ultimate heel at the moment, no arguments.

Rating: 8/10

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Not much to say about this one. Your generic battle royal apart from the fact that the two bloody favourites to win were eliminated straight away!

It came down between Jinder Mahal and Mojo Rawley with the hyped one earning the trophy. A surprise win but it is nice to get that in this style of match, Braun is scheduled for bigger things anyway so this win would pin him down.

Some american football player charged over the barricade to defend his alliance with Mojo. He was annoying.

Rating: 5/10

Dean Ambrose Vs Baron Corbin (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Firstly, Baron Corbin looked incredibly pissed walking down the ramp. Is he annoyed that he is on the pre show? Or because he has to walk a mile to the ring? Either way, you don’t want to mess with an angry wolf.

Fairly quick match. The crowd did not seem bothered and with me being a huge fan of Corbin, I found it hard to care about this contest too. This match kept slipping my mind and I would forget it was even scheduled for the event. Another forgettable match for Ambrose.

Rating: 4/10

Main Card

AJ Styles Vs Shane McMahon

This year they shook up the order we all predicted for the main card. I personally didn’t chose this match to start the night but it worked.

The match felt like a mixed martial arts fight with AJ challenging Shane to exchange holds and Shane challenging AJ to striking. They both kept up with each other and it was a fantastic way to start the show.

Fans annoyed me personal with the build up to this showdown because everyone thought AJ could do better. He can, no question about it, but Shane can perform with the best of them. Furthermore, for a father to successfully pull off a dive onto the announcers’ table, Coast to Coast and a Shooting Star Press amazingly is worth respecting. It makes great storylines for AJ who could be drafted to Raw.

A nice match with The Phenomenal One gaining the win. Can’t wait to see how this plot continues.

Rating: 7/10

Chris Jericho Vs Kevin Owens (WWE United States Championship) 

Of course, Y2J himself enters the arena with a giant list next to the entrance way.

A match nearly a year in the making. We knew the second these two combined forces that the bond wouldn’t last long with these two egos.

The contest between them was fast paced and was clear how well they know each other. Jericho applied The Walls of Jericho straight away with no prevail. Meanwhile, Owens had the upper hand and delivered a Cannonball on the apron. Owens would use his focused rage to topple over his former best friend and became the new United States Champion.

Rating: 6/10

Charlotte Vs Bayley Vs Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jaxx (Raw Women’s Championship) 

A strong match from all these women. The winner in my eyes was Nia. Even though she was not participating for long, she furthered her character by playing the beast and unstoppable force. However, Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte combined their efforts to take down the force.

Charlotte would eliminate Banks by using the dirty tactic of hitting her with an exposed turnbuckle.

I was expecting an epic encounter between Charlotte and Bayley. The Queen would target the knee of Bayley but with no prevail. The Hugger gained a quick pinball and retained her title. Good match but I think with the Raw division we have grown to expect so much from them. It could of been better.

Rating: 5/10

Enzo & Cass Vs Gallows & Anderson Vs Sheamus & Cesaro

If you did not watch this live you missed out on the most shocking moment in WWE history. The New Day came out to explain there was another team entered in this match, a DELIGHTFUL team.

The Hardy Boys return!

It was the most unbelievable return. The rumours where true! I didn’t think they were true but goes to show you anything can happen in World Wrestling Entertainment.

After your classic back and forth ladder spots, Matt would deliver a Twist of Fate to Karl that met with eruption from the fans. Meanwhile, Jeff delivered the ultimate Swanton Bomb to Sheamus and Cesaro (mostly Cesaro) from a ladder on the outside to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Amazing, that is what WrestleMania is all about. Good move in having them on the red brand, it will give Raw the viewers and hype.

Rating: 10/10

John Cena & Nikki Bella Vs The Miz & Maryse

Well after the marvel that was The Hardy Boyz returning home to capture gold the only way they how, we moved onto the mixed tag contest.

It melted my heart when John saw his mother in the audience. Cute moments for the super couple, and is going get a whole lot cuter. Cena went down on one knee and popped the question of marriage. She said yes. 

A lovely rich moment and goes to show the emotional rollercoaster (pun intended) wrestling puts you through. Thirty minutes ago, we all screamed over the return of The Hardys, now we’re congratulating the engagement of Mr & Mrs Cena.

Rating: 5/10

HHH Vs Seth Rollins (Unsanctioned Match)

This was another match I could not wait to witness. The story which had been building for two years and it cultivated in this great war.

For starters, HHH is the King of Kings when it comes WrestleMania entrances. His Sons of Anarchy style entrance with the massive motorbike was incredible. Does not beat his Terminator entrance though.

Anyway, with the mactch itself it was brutal and Seth gave a great performance in selling his knee. The story came full circle with Seth attempting the same Sunset Power Bomb that began his knee injury. He made you believe there was no chance of The Architect winning.

After numerous Pedigree reversals and knee shots, Seth delivered a Super Kick that shook HHH causing him to fall onto Stephanie who collapsed through a table. Rollins delivered a Pedigree with authority that earned him a victory over HHH.

Rating: 7/10

Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

To start, Bray’s entrance was fantastic. The match had a lot of hype and they worked their arses off for the crowd who seemed dead. Who can blame them, I was feeling tired too.

I loved the images projected onto the ring whenever Bray would taunt to a groggy Orton. The projected images were off maggots and worms that fit with his character. However, the ending made Wyatt look weak. Orton gave an RKO outta nowhere! But The Viper didn’t gain much offence in the match at all. It was good but I was expecting a different outcome.

Rating: 6/10

Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Championship)

I enjoyed this match. Speedy pace with  both men only delivering their signature moves which made them look like monsters as the only thing that can pin them to the ground is their most dangerous moves.

After a misguided spear to the middle turnbuckle, Goldberg took a trip to Suplex City followed by an F5. New champion, Brock Lesnar.

Rating: 7/10

Alexa Bliss defends her SD Live Womens Championship

Amazing entrance into her hometown by Naomi. A fast paced match that let the viewers know what these women are capable of. Crowd were not into it at all because most of them know what match is next. Was nice for SmackDown to have a female main event and new champion in Naomi.

Rating: 4/10

Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker

Finally, we end the night with The Big Dog facing The Deadman with a no disqualification stipulation miraculously added. Jim Ross also returned to the announcers’ table.

A fine contest between these two that displayed passion and determination. There were points where Taker looked in pain and there was an awkward spot where he couldn’t find the momentum to hurl his body over for Reigns. It looked like Undertaker’s last ride.

Undertaker went out in true old school fashion. He was heavily defiant by mouthing “you haven’t got the balls” to Roman but Reigns did and charged into Taker with one final Spear, earning him the victory over the greatest WrestleMania performer. The right move for both competitors.

Heartbreaking and fitting that The Undertaker’s last WrestleMania was one he headlined, showing there is and was no one better in the wrestling business than The Deadman. Match of the night and ended the grandest stage of them all with one of the grandest moments of all time. 

Rating: 9/10

There you go. Hope you liked it and don’t forget to like and share this review.

Bye for now,



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