Reactions to UFC 210

UFC fans witnessed great action last night. It had us in all sorts of emotions, from shock to confusion but all in the name of athletic competition.

For this blog, I will dwell into my reactions of the main events. I write this as a big fan of UFC and I am not an expert, I try to critique from a technical standpoint as much as I can.

Chris Weidman Vs Gegard Mousasi

Weidman landed a couple of great takedowns with his first nearly earning him a Guillotine submission. Not much striking but first round belonged to Weidman.

Mousasi fired straight back into the second round with amazing left and right hands. However The All – American attacked with another take down, he even came close to applying the Armbar. Although the fight came to an abrupt end.

Mousasi hit Chris with a knee in a back position and they had to stop the match. Chris was defending himself but the referee made the call that the fighter’s left hand was on the floor making Gegard’s knee illegal. If his hand was down it would of been illegal, but it wasn’t. The referee made a mistake but forgot that the New York rules don’t allow relays. The higher powers stopped the contest.

Both fighters looked furious with the mistake. The contest was compelling and I wanted to see the outcome. The official decision was a TKO victory in round two with the win going to Gegard Mousasi.

I honestly am not educated enough on the rules and regulations in the world of UFC, I need to do more homework.

Anthony Johnson Vs Daniel Cormier (UFC Light Heavyweight Championship)

Now we turn to the main event which I was incredibly excited for. I love Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson. All his punches are hard and near enough knockouts. Johnson had a big reach advantage and I predicted this would end in a KO victory in round one to Johnson.

Respect is clear from the two men as they exchanged gloves. Cormier didn’t let Johnson build an offence. Johnson’s hits were sloppy, he landed a few but didn’t stun his opponent.

The second would not last long. Johnson would find himself in the clinch but Daniel would take him down and find the back mount. He then proceeded to ground and pound on Anthony, he then furthered the punishment by applying a rear naked choke to earn a tap out victory.

The most shocking part of the night would be when Johnson came to the microphone. He chocked up (emotionally) and announced his retirement in MMA. A big applause from the crowd that transformed into boos when Cormier celebrated.

A total shock to the fans but I wish him all the luck. Anthony Johnson is one of my favourite fighters and I hope I see him in a cage again.

A showdown two years in the making and us fans were spoiled. A great match and looking forward to the next contest in the Light Heavyweight division. UFC 210 made me a fan of Cormier, what a fantastic trash talker.

Thanks for reading folks.




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