A Goofy Movie stands out

The first non wrestling blog in nearly a month! This is my second entry in the genre of Disney.

There are so many great Disney movies and a lot of them go unsung. I love to write about productions that are not fully appreciated. It displays a unique critique and preference to what we find amazing that others don’t, this is one of those movies.

A Goofy Movie is one ultimately brilliant film. Here are the reasons why.

#1: A father & son story 

The plot is based on teenager Max. He’s just breaking up for summer vacation but is too scared to tell how much he loves his high school heartthrob, Roxane. Max fears Roxane will disapprove of him because of his foolish father, Goofy.

One thing leads to another and Max lies about his vacation plans to impress his crush. Little does he know that Goofy is planning a fishing trip away with his son to help improve their relationship to escape Max being behind bars. Drastic I know but when you watch it, it makes sense.

As the story goes on, the relationship travels to a dark and sad place. It is truly heartbreaking to see Max dismiss and ignore his dad who is trying his hardest to rekindle the relationship with his son.

In a company built on princesses and fairytales, it is beautiful to see a modern story between a male family relationship. It will leave you in tears no doubt!

#2: The music 

A Goofy Movie offers one of the best soundtracks in an era of great Disney music with soundtracks like Hercules, Mulan, and Tarzan all around.

The music is composed by Don Davis & Carter Burwell who held credits in an array of movies from The Matrix, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Wayne’s World 2. They create a mix of nighties RnB combined with musical theatre that fit the scenes of the movie perfectly. My personal favourite is ‘Nobody Else But You’. It’s a song that brings a calm and charming light to the ideas of an apology and forgiveness.

The powerfully inspiring songs of ‘Stand Out’ & ‘Eye to Eye’ add to the sense of nostalgia that my age adores these movies for.

The film is considered a slight success. It landed #2 for the opening weekend in 1995 behind Will Smith’s cop comedy Bad Boys.

It is a shame a light is not shined upon this movie. It views Goofy in a different perspective than his usual clumsy self and coveys him as a loveable, caring and tender individual.

With lots of little cameos and clichey fun moments along with a family friendly plot, this movie is highly recommended on my list of great Disney movies. I know there are only two reasons but these are two of the biggest tools used to take an audience on a journey, music and a story. It is all you need.

Thank you for reading again.

Bye bye,



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