What to watch on the WWE Network (Sponsored by UCW)

The WWE Network is the most genius invention ever created for wrestling enthusiasts. Three years since WWE Network’s launch and it has (and still produces) numerous content. With the hours of programming, I am here to write what I think you should view.

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Table for 3 – The New Day

The second episode of the discussion show, Table for 3, is fun and had me smiling throughout featuring members of SmackDown’s The New Day.

I have never seen a stronger bond in wrestling within The New Day members Big E, Kofi and Xavier and it is shown in this episode. They discuss the formation of the group, to Kofi’s Jamaican accent. Great lighthearted fun and only twenty five minutes.

Tuesday Night Titans 

Out of everything I have discovered on the network, this is the best.

Tuesday Night Titans aired between 1984 – 1986 as a late night, parody talk show featuring character interviews and weekly round ups of WWE matches.

The programme is so ahead of its time. It began character development within wrestling by using backstage segments, video packages and started WWE talk shows like Piper’s Pit, The Cutting Edge and The Highlight Reel.

My favourite moment from this show is when the program is filmed from Hillbilly Jim’s house who is accompanied by Jim’s grandmother. The scene where Lord Alfred Hayes attempts to milk a goat is incredible funny. Highly recommended it.

‘Macho Man’ The Randy Savage Story 

In the Beyond The Ring catergory, The Randy Savage Story provides great insight into one of the greatest characters of all time.

The documentary covers Savage’s career. From his childhood dreams of becoming a baseball player that vanished and his journey to the WWF, to his relationship with Miss Elizabeth and the tragic car crash that took away the life of The Macho Man in 2011.

A good watch as told by family and co-workers who knew him best.

Legends House – Episode 6: L.A.R.P.I.N.G

Another lighthearted programme is the nine episode series that is Legends House.

The title sums up the show, a bunch of famous WWE wrestlers from back in the day all living under one roof and with comes a lot of drama and goofiness.

No eliminations,which is nice, because you get to see the bond these folks make. Episode six shows the legends take part in larping (known better as live action role play) and battle an army of geeks… literally. Watch these guys attempt all sorts of things together like golf, yoga, cooking, painting and even stripping!

Would love to see season two of this series. My dream cast would be Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair and DDP just to name a few.

SmackDown 2008 replays

SmackDown’s best year was 2008. That may be biased but now you can view the year for yourself.

In a year mixed with athletics competition from performers like Shelton Benjamin & MVP, to the gripping storylines of Edge Vs The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy Vs HHH, the brand had everything going for them.

Current roster memeber at the time were Edge, The Undertaker, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Finley, John Morrison, Jesse & Festus and loads more. With competition as strong as that, you have to agree. 

Thanks again for reading guys and get watching!




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