My favourite matches: #6 Bobby Roode Vs James Storm (Bound For Glory 2012) 

The sega is now complete. I am continuing my list of all time favourite matches with a showdown not from WWE.

My seventh match on my list comes from TNA and this blog focuses on the display of brutality from Bobby Roode Vs James Storm at Bound For Glory 2012. 

This rivalry began late 2011. James Storm won his first major singles title against Kurt Angle in a shock surprise victory just days after Angle’s victory at Bound For Glory. Bobby Roode wanted the honour and opportunity to challenge his tag team partner for his new title.

In their title match, Roode would go low and say goodbye to his friendship with James by smashing a beer bottle over his skull to earn him the pinfall. Roode had turned his back on his partner to claim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Bobby Roode’s reign as champion would go on to be the longest in the company’s history. He battled opponents like RVD, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Sting by toppling over them with dirty tactics. He dubbed himself The It Factor and was the biggest heel in all of wrestling at that time.

The It Factor was the highlight of TNA that year. He was aggressive, arrogant and was everything you wanted to hate about your’ cocky co worker. Meanwhile, The Cowboy was on a lossing streak but he had one more shot at the gold in his hometown of Nashville at the yearly Lockdown PPV.

These two would again collide in a hellacious Steel Cage match. They would go back and forth and was the biggest challenge Roode faced up till now andonce again, Bobby would stoop to the lowest of lows with a crotch shot that let him drag his carcass outside the cage door.

The leader of the selfish generation’s reign became near enough unstoppable. Until Austin Aries would defeat Roode at Destination X 2012.

Bobby Roode was livid and left titleless for Bound For Glory. Meanwhile, James Storm returned after his loss at Lockdown with vengeance on his mind. This would result in these two ending their year long rivalry in a Street Fight at Bound For Glory.

The battle would be best described as a brawl. No wrestling holds just fists and blood within the first 5 minutes. It was total carnage. The performance from these two is quick and effective that made everything seem so effortless yet relentless in the story of these wanting revenge. You can tell they know each other very well.

King Mo as the special enforcer does not bother me. In fact, he does a stellar job for reactions to the violence considering he is an MMA fighter who has seen and felt his fair share of pain.

They dish out equal amounts on punishment. Using the ringposts, ramp and the announcers’ table to give the audience the creative flare to punish each other that both men hold.

Roode would utilise a bag of thumbtacks with the objective to finish the match. This would end gloriously bad (get it?) for The It Factor and he would land back first into the tacks from a violent push by Storm.

 The ending to this match was a movie masterpiece. Storm unleashes all his anger that we, the fans, have seen him take for a year. First, James hits low, then smashes a beer bottle on Roode that he used to win their title match last year.  Storm then grabs Bobby by the head and shouts verbal abuse after taking his head off clean with a Super Kick, finishing with Roode landing in the tacks again. Earning James Storm the victory over his partner. 

The ending is timeless though because it brings the whole story full circle. We have the bad guy that cheated his way to the top and now we see him fall with the hero standing on top. The best break up angle in wrestling history in my opinion. This year long rivalry was told beautifully with a beginning, middle and end which is missing in today’s product. The full match is right here for your viewing.

That was #6. I will now count down from what is on the list in order of my preference.

#6: John Cena Vs RVD (One Night Stand 2006)

#5: Bobby Roode Vs James Storm (Bound For Glory 2012) 

#4: The Undertaker Vs Bray Wyatt (WrestleMania 31) 

#3 John Cena Vs Edge (Unforgiven 2007)

#2: Mick Foley Vs Edge (WrestleMania 22)

#1: The Undertaker Vs Edge (Summerslam 2008)

That’s what we got so far, three to go!

See you soon,



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