My favourite matches: #10 The World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match (Unforgiven 2008)

I have done it! After a year I have finally decided on final match to include in my list of favourite matches. Most of these matches are from the year 2008, which as readers was the most entertaining year in WWE in my opinion. The rivalries were gripping, inventive and filled with talented individuals. Edge, […]

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Reactions to It

This year, I conquered my fear of horror movies by watching The Conjuring 1 & 2. I’m 23, it had to happen sooner or later. After those events, I wanted to expose myself to the horror genre but no movie grabbed my attention, until ‘It’. The teaser trailer for Stephan King’s remake of ‘It’ was […]

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Going to Orlando

Good evening guys, I am writing this on the comfort of my brand new MacBook which feels slick and easy. Today, I finalised all my thoughts on my visit to Orlando, Florida. I spent tons of money, caught sunburn and ate copious amounts of food like all tourists do. I wrote a list of my […]

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Viva Rock Vegas!

Let’s take a detour from the usual wrestling blog and into an insight of my favourite place in America I have visited so far…Las Vegas. Before I begin, please excuse the annoying camera date at the bottom of my photos. My camera broke during my first contract at camp and when it was repaired it […]

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