Going to Orlando

Good evening guys, I am writing this on the comfort of my brand new MacBook which feels slick and easy. Today, I finalised all my thoughts on my visit to Orlando, Florida. I spent tons of money, caught sunburn and ate copious amounts of food like all tourists do. I wrote a list of my […]

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A Goofy Movie stands out

The first non wrestling blog in nearly a month! This is my second entry in the genre of Disney. There are so many great Disney movies and a lot of them go unsung. I love to write about productions that are not fully appreciated. It displays a unique critique and preference to what we find […]

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My Top 3 Disneyland ParadesĀ 

Good evening everybody and welcome to wonderful world of 2017! I wanted to start a new genre for the new year and Disney is one genre best suited to all my readers. I am a current cast member at Disneyland Paris. And with that title, you need to have a good amount of Disney knowledge. My […]

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End of Disneyland Paris

In this edition of my blog, I wanted to write my thoughts towards my leaving of Disney on the 21st February.  I remember when I started three months ago with anticipation and excitement. I could not wait to start work, the first couple of days I was off from work and it dragged. But ever […]

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