Going to Orlando

Good evening guys, I am writing this on the comfort of my brand new MacBook which feels slick and easy. Today, I finalised all my thoughts on my visit to Orlando, Florida. I spent tons of money, caught sunburn and ate copious amounts of food like all tourists do. I wrote a list of my […]

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Viva Rock Vegas!

Let’s take a detour from the usual wrestling blog and into an insight of my favourite place in America I have visited so far…Las Vegas. Before I begin, please excuse the annoying camera date at the bottom of my photos. My camera broke during my first contract at camp and when it was repaired it […]

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The best shout out of my life!

Let’s get personal. Today, one of my dreams came true when Edge & Christian gave me a shout out on their E&C Pod of Awesomeness. You properly wonder why this happened…  I will expalin. In January 2008, my father passed away by a building accident. It was the most awful moment I’ve been through in […]

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I am grateful

These past couple of months have been incredibly hard for me. For those who don’t know, I came down with glandular fever in June. It was horrible, painful and effected me personally and proffesionaly. Forcing me to leave my performance job and return home to rest and wait for doctors guidance on how to help. […]

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End of Disneyland Paris

In this edition of my blog, I wanted to write my thoughts towards my leaving of Disney on the 21st February.  I remember when I started three months ago with anticipation and excitement. I could not wait to start work, the first couple of days I was off from work and it dragged. But ever […]

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Hello internet peeps! This is Luke Hutchinson here and welcome to my new blog. I have always been interested in blogging because like most people my age, I am a Wi-Fi junkie. This is my New Years resolution and I will kick it off straight away in 2016 (how weird does that sound). My blog […]

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