What to watch on the WWE Network (Sponsored by UCW)

The WWE Network is the most genius invention ever created for wrestling enthusiasts. Three years since WWE Network’s launch and it has (and still produces) numerous content. With the hours of programming, I am here to write what I think you should view. Sponsored by UCW https://www.facebook.com/ucwuk/ Table for 3 – The New Day The second episode of the discussion show, Table for 3, is … Continue reading What to watch on the WWE Network (Sponsored by UCW)

Let the best woman… win!

Good evening my lovely readers. Hope you are all well and having a great start towards the month of May? Today in my new blog, I am going to discuss everything RuPaul’s Drag Race. People that know me personally would know that I don’t express my sexuality flamboyantly. I have always been the guy that is into musicals, professional wrestling and country music who is … Continue reading Let the best woman… win!