A Goofy Movie stands out

The first non wrestling blog in nearly a month! This is my second entry in the genre of Disney. There are so many great Disney movies and a lot of them go unsung. I love to write about productions that are not fully appreciated. It displays a unique critique and preference to what we find […]

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The best shout out of my life!

Let’s get personal. Today, one of my dreams came true when Edge & Christian gave me a shout out on their E&C Pod of Awesomeness. You properly wonder why this happened…  I will expalin. In January 2008, my father passed away by a building accident. It was the most awful moment I’ve been through in […]

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Reactions to UFC 210

UFC fans witnessed great action last night. It had us in all sorts of emotions, from shock to confusion but all in the name of athletic competition. For this blog, I will dwell into my reactions of the main events. I write this as a big fan of UFC and I am not an expert, […]

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My guilty pleasure tracks

Can not believe it has taken me a year to write a music based blog. What better way to begin than to get the embarrassing stuff out the way. Guilty pleasures tracks are my go to ice breakers. The beauty in a great guilty pleasure track is it’s unique to that individual. To me, these are songs […]

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My Top 3 Disneyland Parades 

Good evening everybody and welcome to wonderful world of 2017! I wanted to start a new genre for the new year and Disney is one genre best suited to all my readers. I am a current cast member at Disneyland Paris. And with that title, you need to have a good amount of Disney knowledge. My […]

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